Olympic Fencing End-to-End Solution

Olympic Fencing NSW is one of the largest commercial and government fencing manufacturing and construction companies in New South Wales. Olympic Fencing undertakes million dollar projects and needed a software system that reflected the business systems that the company had developed. By building a customized software system around the specific workflows within the company the business gained a substantial competitive edge and was able to streamline processes significantly.

Olympic Fencing is now able to track every aspect of the business within an easy to use software system. The system developed by Vines I.T has been refined to manage:

  • Lead Generation and Conversion rates
  • Estimating KPI and marketing figures
  • Profit and Costing analysis
  • Job Management
  • Custom Manufacturing modules
  • Delivery and Dispatch systems
  • GL integration
  • Cost referencing and subcontractor approval system

and much more